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Yacht Charter

Owning a yacht for charter or finding the perfect yacht to charter, has never been easier.

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Charter Yacht Ownership

How to Charter a Yacht

Charter Yacht Ownership


Yacht owners can place their vessel in a charter fleet for periods when they will not use it. This is an excellent way for offsetting a percentage of operating expenses. Our experienced team then markets your yacht via a global charter network.


Captain & core crew

We can source a captain and core crew. In selecting candidates, our crew management team determines the best captain for your needs including their experience, skills, the size of the yacht, destinations, frequency of use, power or sail, and similar criteria. We present you with a short list of qualified candidates and recommend that you or your representative is involved in the final selection of the captain. Upon delivery of your yacht, we provide you and your captain with a detailed orientation of your vessel.


Short term crew

Our extensive network allows us to source additional crew to match your yacht’s operational tempo. This could span:

  • Wait staff for a weekend celebration

  • A highly experienced chef over a long summer vacation

  • An additional watchkeeper if a long passage is required to relocate your boat

How to Charter a Yacht


A yacht charter is far beyond the experience of being in a cruise ship as your charter yacht works around your needs:

  • Your crew will not tell you to be back aboard by a particular time

  • You will choose the time you dine rather than being assigned an early or late sitting for meals

  • Your chef will prepare the cuisine to your requirements

  • Accommodation is luxurious in staterooms with ensuite heads


It is the most exclusive and personalised travel experience you can envision often resulting in memories of a lifetime.



A yacht charter typically is a week-long or seven full days. Charters can be longer, but this depends on the specific yacht and the time of year. A charter yacht is not available for single-day outings.


Step 1 – your needs

Select a time of year, determine how many will be in your party, consider the charter destination, and whether you require a power or sail vessel. Based on your needs, YSA will identify the best yacht for you and your guests.


Step 2 – your cruising itinerary

Discuss the broad cruising itinerary and any toys such as jet skis you want onboard with your charter agent and captain. The final itinerary should include the destinations you and your guests wish to visit


Step 3 – book your charter

Book your charter. Standard terms of reserving the yacht can be discussed with your charter agent but typically 50% of the charter fee is required to reserve your yacht.


Step 4 – talk to your chef…

Communicate with your onboard chef as to your menu preferences, favourite wines, and other consumables you want onboard. An estimate (referred to as the “advance provisioning allowance”) will be made for food and fuel based on your itinerary and other incidentals which will be set out by your charter agent.


Step 4 – final payment

The balance of the charter and the advance provisioning allowance is typically due no later than two weeks before the start of your charter.


Step 5 - get ready for your memorable holiday

The only thing left is for you and your guests to get ready for a highly memorable holiday.

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