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Yacht Management

Maintenance, repairs, or upgrades takes time. When this is done correctly, you can be confident that your boat is seaworthy and is available to meet your needs.

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24/7 Support

Scheduled Upkeep

Time-sensitive Maintenance

Skippers' Concierge

24/7 Support

Whether it's financial management and reporting, maintenance planning and supervision, boat relocation, or underway assistance, you can be assured that your vessel is secure and ready to fulfill your needs.

Scheduled Upkeep

Perfect for a layup over winter or the typhoon season. Services include:

  • Planning maintenance and upgrades then optimally scheduling the work

  • Arranging skilled tradespeople and ensuring the tasks have been completed correctly

  • Sourcing parts so they are available when needed

  • Sea trials of the vessel to ensure all systems are functioning correctly

  • Cleaning and provisioning the boat so it is ready for you to step aboard and cast off

  • Moving your boat to your desired point of departure

Time-sensitive Maintenance

This can be the result of an accident, equipment failure or you might just wish for some time off your boat freeing the boat up to have work undertaken. We provided services like those of scheduled upkeep, but they are typically smaller in scope and competed in a shorter period.

Skippers' Concierge

A service was born from firsthand experience.

Vessel management extends beyond day-to-day boat operations. Many of these tasks are best dealt with ashore with access to the internet and uninterpreted communications.

Marinas, fuel, hotels…

Reservations can be made, the progress of your vessel monitored, and facilities updated about your arrival.


Upkeep & repairs

Do you need your boat hoisted out for yard work, a marine electrician or gas fitter, sail repairs, or a bio clearance? To save you wasting time while you wait for availability, we can make these arrangements while you are underway.


Logistics & parts

When a part breaks at sea, Yachting Services (Asia) can locate a replacement and have it shipped to your next destination.


Ad hoc crew

We can provide additional crew for a lengthy or challenging leg or if you need to replace a current crew member.


Peace of mind

An experienced, shore-based contact assures you that someone is there to assist you whenever you need it. This can encompass:


  • Monitoring your progress and getting expert help should the unforeseen occur

  • Finding alternative anchorages or moorings at short notice

  • Obtaining local knowledge in places with inadequately surveyed charts

  • Drafting passage plans for future legs of a passage

  • Arranging a tow for engine breakdowns and other major equipment failures

  • Providing customised weather and route forecasting

  • Acting as a sounding board to talk through problems. Useful for the skipper but also for the crew if the skipper becomes incapacitated

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